I’m primarily a coach who can assist with certain themes, complaints or entrenched habits while keeping attention to the physical, mental and emotional needs you.

A centering® practitioner works through the dynamic model of Centering®. This is a model that helps to look at the person as a whole, in a circular manner. That is, not cause-effect oriented, not separately, but supportive, nurturing, looking for the connection with yourself, your relationships, your environment.

There are no diagnoses, you will be supported and guided in your process of growth: stress, digestive problems, headaches, fatigue, burnout, lack of confidence, not finding your way, recurring patterns, difficulty sleeping, anxiety, …


As tensions especially in the body are very palpable, the centering® practitioner uses the physical body as a gateway to get in contact with the process where you are at that moment. In addition, a practitioner centering® gives you the opportunity to be more aware of certain conscious or not yet conscious qualities and talents.

By gentle touches and using certain techniques, you get insight into:

  • why certain physical symptoms recur, 

  • why certain emotions and thoughts continue to repeat, 

  • why are you still stuck on certain issues in your life, 

  • what areas in your body are tense and what you can do about it, 

  • what qualities and strengths you carry within you.

By working on the mobility of tissues include organs, muscles, glands, bones, centering® practitioner helps to open the fysical body, so that it can free you from certain strains. You will experience a special relaxation and there is space to get back into connect with yourself, your dreams and desires.

A centering® practitioner leaves from your strength and talents. You also will have tools that enable you to take steps, so that there is a change takes place in your daily life.
The sessions take place in a safe, gentle and nourishing way, at your pace and take about an hour, with support, coaching, trust and respect for your own process central.

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