Valley of the Polygon

Why create a B&B?

The place where my B&B now is, is next to the Polygon Woods. This is a special place for me. In the past I cycled all the way from my hometown of Ledegem to the Polygon Woods. It is a place of rest and silence where there was unrest and chaos in war times. I went there often to think about the following steps that I should take in my life.

War is a time of hunger and suffering for both parties, no matter what side they are on. Sons were sent away from home to fight for their country or another foreign allied country. They had to leave their families to fight for something that was not their personal fight.

My grandfather was a prisoner of war in WWII and this project is largely a dedication to him.

My grandfather and I believe that there is a connection in every situation: when allies work together or even when enemies fight against each other – on a personal level there can be a connection and this all during a terrible war.

That is the reason why I am running a holiday home, with all my heart and soul, in order to create connections and unity throughout the world.

I’m searching for pictures of the countries for which the people fought and lost their lives near the Polygon Woods. The intention is to hang those pictures in my holiday home and to create a little feeling of home for the war heroes in a foreign country because they unfortunately did not have the opportunity to greet their homeland, family and friends again. So when you come and visit us, please bring a picture that means something to you. I would be more than happy to hang it up in my B&B.

Els Cokelaere